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Olenc 10kva diesel silent genset for home

Olenc 10kva diesel silent genset for home

Product Features :*Strong commercial -grade power*Easy Start,Automatic voltage regulator(AVR)to automatically regulate voltage*Low oil level automatic protection*Current overcurrent protetion*Large ca
Hot Sales2-10kva  small inveter generator with silent for promotion

Hot Sales2-10kva small inveter generator with silent for promotion

Product Features :*Green Low-carbon power supply of new generation,easy to bring,,it good for outdoor and home used*With Powerful Loncin  Engine*High Efficiency magneto,medium-frequency generator
Olenc small portable generator

Olenc small portable generator

Whether you need power during an outage or a tailgate, the olenc power 1800-Watt Generator has you covered.The EPAIII and CARB-compliant engine delivers 98cc of power with an internal air-cooling syst
6.5kw Portable home use silent generator

6.5kw Portable home use silent generator

6.5kw Portable home use silent generatorGuangdong Olenc Power Generation Co., Ltd.Small portable generator set(1kVA- 38kVA)  50Hz/60HzNameGenset&
home used 6.5kW Portable diesel generators

home used 6.5kW Portable diesel generators

Guangdong Olenc Power Generation Co., Ltd.Small portable generator set(1kVA- 38kVA)  50Hz/60HzNameGenset ModelPower(kw)Ph/ Voltage(V)St


  • 5kw Portable Gasoline Generators with trailer
5kw Portable Gasoline Generators with trailer
  • MOQ:1
  • Brand:OLENC
  • Certification:CE, ISO9001, SGS
  • Supply Ability: 200000 units/ year
  • PAY METHOD:T/T, L/C, Western union, RIA transfer
  • Warranty Time:2 year or 500 hours
  • LOADING PORT:Shenzhen
  • Country Of Origin:China

Guangdong Olenc Power Generation Co., Ltd.
Small portable generator set(1kVA- 38kVA)  50Hz/60Hz
NameGenset ModelPower(kw)Ph/ Voltage(V)Start GovenerOpen/SilentSpecification
GASOLINE GENERATORSOLC25002.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen170F engine
OLC2500I2-0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenDigital frequency conversion mute
OLC30002.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen170F engine
OLC3600I2-8kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenDigital frequency conversion mute
OLC36002.8kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen170F engine
OLC65005.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen190F engine
OLC6500S5.0kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen190Fengine
OLC6500E5.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpen190F engine/electric/3ph
OLC6500SE5.0kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpen190F engine/electric/3ph
OLC75006.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen190F engine
OLC7500S6.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen190F engine/3ph
OLC7500E6.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpen190F engine/electric
OLC7500SE6.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpen190F engine/electric/3ph
OLCL95008.0kw 1Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen190F engine
OLC9500S8.0kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ManualOpen190F engine/3ph
OLC9500E8.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpen190F engine/electric
OLC9500SE8.0kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpen190F engine/electric/3ph
OLC11500S8.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenLX2V78 engine/ electric/3ph
OLC18000S15.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders
OLC2250018.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders
OLC2500020.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders
OLC31000-L25.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders/ excitation
OLC31000-Y25.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders/ the permanent magnet
OLC38000-L30.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders/ excitation
OLC38000-Y30.0kw1Ph/ 110/220/380ElectricOpenAuto power engine/ 4 ylinders/ the permanent magnet
DIESEL GENERATORSDG350L2.8kw1Ph/ 110/220/381ManualOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG350LE2.8kw1Ph/ 110/220/382ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG6500L4.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/383ManualOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG6500L-34.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/384ManualOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG6500LE4.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/385ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG6500LE-34.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/386ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500L5kw1Ph/ 110/220/387ManualOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500L-35kw3Ph/ 110/220/388ManualOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500LE5kw1Ph/ 110/220/389ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500LE-35kw3Ph/ 110/220/390ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG10000LE7.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/391ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG10000LE-37.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/392ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500XE6kw1Ph/ 110/220/393ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500XE-36kw3Ph/ 110/220/394ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG10000XE7.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/395ElectricOpenFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG6000SE4.5kw1Ph/ 110/220/396ElectricSilentFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG6000SE-34.5kw3Ph/ 110/220/397ElectricSilentFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500SE5kw1Ph/ 110/220/398ElectricSilentFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
DG7500SE-35kw3Ph/ 110/220/399ElectricSilentFour stroke, single cylinder, air cooling
Water pump generatorsOLCQGZ50-C170F110/220/380Manualopen170F Engine,2 inch aluminum shell self-priming pump
OLCXF50-C170F110/220/380Manualopen170F engine,2 aluminum shell high pressure self-priming pump(Single fire pump impeller)
OLCXF50-C170F110/220/380Manualopen170F engine,2aluminum shell high pressure self-priming pump(Double fire pump impeller)
OLCQGZ80-C170F110/220/380Manualopen170F engine,3 inch aluminum shell self-priming pump
OLCQGZ100-C170F110/220/380Manualopen170F engine,4 inch aluminum shell self-priming pump
OLCQGL65-C170F110/220/380Manualopen170F engine, 2 inch in 2.5 inch out, cast iron pump
OLCQGZ100-D190F 110/220/380Manualopen190F engine, 4inch aluminum shell self-priming pump
Miniature farming machineOLC170F170F110/220/380ManualopenFlat key shaft, belt pulley (3 small parts)
OLC190F190F110/220/380ManualopenFlat key shaft, without belt pulley
OLC170F170F110/220/380ManualopenThe combination of the accelerator, steel camshaft
OLC170F170F110/220/380ManualopenThe combination of the accelerator, steel camshaft
Electric welding machineOLC250A6.5KW110/220/380Manualopen250A generator/ dc welder
OLC250A-E6.5KW110/220/380Electricopen250A generator/ dc welder/ electric start