Cummins introduces new line of QuietConnect home standby generators

2017/2/21 11:52:18

Cummins, a global leader in backup power solutions and engine technology trusted by critical facilities and first responders — hospitals, fire stations and police departments — introduces a new line of QuietConnect™ Series home standby generators.

The new QuietConnect line, part of the Connect Series, brings nearly 100 years of engine innovation to its home standby generators to deliver dependable and powerful performance, neighbor-friendly patented sound technology, compact design as well as enhanced energy efficiency. The Cummins QuietConnect Series generators are available in nine models ranging from 13 kW to 100 kW and accommodate 91.7 to 417 amps to back up homes of various sizes and power needs.

About 100 Cummins North American dealers gathered in Orlando, Florida Feb. 7-8 for a product unveiling, led by Cummins’ marketing team along with the business segment, sales, engineering and product management. There, dealers saw a live demo, received training, networked with Cummins leaders and factory staff and became equipped to start selling the new product to consumers.

Cummins high-powered engines produce the precise power required by the home to provide consumers with peace of mind. The patented sound technology, coupled with an advanced housing design, make the QuietConnect Series among the quietest running generators available on the market today. The compact design allows for installation as close as 18 inches from a home, making them comparable to air-conditioning units in size and curb appeal. The use of natural gas or propane allows for more power that utilizes less fuel and lower emissions as compared to portable generators.

According to CNN, in the past two decades, the number of power outages worldwide has increased 124%, leading to more and more unexpected costs for consumers from spoiled food, to emergency supplies to flood damage and mold remediation. And, a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory revealed that the duration of outages is also on the rise.

Cummins standby generators — unlike portable generators that can be noisy, require manual set-up, running cords and gasoline — turn on automatically the moment an outage occurs. These generators are professionally installed and use natural gas or propane-powered engines when the power goes out. Cummins QuietConnect Series generators are specified to the exact power needs of the home allowing homeowners to resume normal power usage when a power outage strikes.

“When a power outage occurs, today’s homeowner needs more than a couple of extension cords to power a refrigerator and some lights,” said Jodie Wilson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Cummins. “Consumers are more and more reliant on power and the Internet to run their homes. With the number of incidents and duration of power outages on the rise, there is a greater need for reliable, seamless and powerful backup power sources.”

Today’s tech-connect consumer outages are not easy to endure. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Cummins revealed that 62% of Americans lose power at least once per year. When asked how long before losing power was “no longer fun,” 22% said it wasn’t fun at all — not even for a minute — while 32% said the fun stopped between one and four hours on a typical weekday. In addition, household penetration in “smart home” technology is at 25% and on track to reach 60% by 2021.* This means that consumers are relying more and more on power and the Internet to run their households.