2017/3/30 11:34:00

The market-leading B6.7 realized further fuel economy improvements on the base engine in 2017. Today, the engine is seeing an average improvement of 8.5 percent on efficiency ratings and 5 percent on performance ratings over the former leader – the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 ISB6.7. For some applications and duty cycles, specifically pickup and delivery, the efficiency ratings have demonstrated up to a 13 percent fuel economy improvement over the EPA 2013 ISB6.7. 

“Our B Series engines have been at the heart of many hard-working trucks through North America over the past few decades. And in 2017, the B6.7 maintains its bulletproof reliability while bringing tangible fuel economy savings for our customers,” said Caldwell. “The program started with a goal of delivering 7 percent better fuel economy on the efficiency ratings and 1 percent better fuel economy on the performance ratings over the 2013 product. As the program progressed, we found opportunities to tune and optimize the engine, delivering further efficiency, and allowing us to surpass initial expectations.” 

Apart from base engine fuel economy enhancements, Cummins also has Stop-Start capability with the B6.7, which will provide additional fuel economy improvement ¬ from 3 percent to 15 percent. Stop-Start technology allows the engine to operate only when necessary, by shutting off the engine during idle, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, enhanced sociability, improved productivity and increased durability.

Not only does the B6.7 remain an industry classic that continually redefines efficiency, but the 2017 B6.7 also includes a complete 3-year/unlimited-mile warranty in truck applications. This extension of the B6.7 base warranty provides customers with further peace of mind while allowing them to obtain the same durations of extended coverage at a lower cost than ever, with year 3 now covered by Cummins.