Congratulations!QSK95 Propulsion Power generator

2018/3/16 10:05:09

The QSK95 is a perfect fit for highly sophisticated vessels such as Kilimanjaro VII,“This product fully leverages Cummins unique experience with our in-house technologies such as turbo chargers, filtration and electronics delivering increased power and reliability, fast transient response and simple serviceability.”

The QSK95 is the newest and most powerful Cummins engine for the marine market offering a power output previously exclusive to medium-speed marine engines with power ratings from 3200 hp to 4200 hp for propulsion, auxiliary, generator and diesel electric applications. The QSK95 brings the advantage of a lower capital cost, a more compact installation and exceptional fuel efficiency when compared to other engines in this class. 

Extended service and more cost-effective rebuilds add a further economic advantage for high-hour, hardworking vessels such as passenger transport, tugs, inland waterway towboats, crew boats, dredges and government patrol vessels. 

“Cummins has supported us well in the past, leading us to select the QSK95 for our newest and largest addition to the fleet.” “The unique engine design, high power density and available continuous-use power has allowed us to use a vessel design we are familiar with but expand its capability to carry more passengers.” 

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