Cummins offers tips to consumers on securing their homes during Hurricane Preparedness Week

2018/5/7 14:09:53

Cummins helps consumers prepare for the worst and provides them with peace-of-mind during severe weather through its Connect™ Series line of home standby generators. Connect Series generators, which includes the new QuietConnect Series, turn on automatically when a power outage strikes to keep lights, refrigerators, heat, security systems, and sump pumps on. Patented sound technology, coupled with an advanced housing design, make Cummins among the quietest running generators available on the market today. The compact design allows for installation as close as 18 inches from the home, making them comparable to air conditioning units in size and curb appeal. The use of natural gas or propane allows for more power using less fuel and producing fewer emissions than portable generators.

Cummins standby generators must be professionally installed by an authorized Cummins dealer or a qualified electrical contractor to ensure safety and local code compliance